’21 Soph Update – CR Version

by SophiaShorai on 27/04/2021

manuel antonio

Dear friends, fans, family near & far ~ as we continue trudging our way through this “new normal” and immense upheaval, loved ones and strangers lost to a disease we’re still learning about, living with the daily anxiety of wondering what is lurking around every corner, watching our brothers and sisters be murdered by the guilty hands of the very people who are supposed to keep us safe…

I do hope that you’re able to find some semblance of strength and worthiness during these trying times. It’s going to take a lot of mind-bending work, to say the least. We will get through this.

In the meantime, I was humbled enough to take another trip around the proverbial sun recently in the breathtaking motherland of Costa Rica. The incredible memories of the everlasting mountains, consistent tropical rains, the never-heard-before birdsongs, volcano-sighting and the sand in my feet + the fresh cuisine was enough to fill my heart with a lifetime of beauty. And – - SONGS. I plan to reap many a lyrical and melodic reward from my travel journal and finally start working with a close, incredibly talented studio friend to take these images, emotions, tastes and experiences from paper to reel.

In your meantime, I wish you peace, a balance of self and community respect and a great sense of protection over your health, mind and spirit.

Pura Vida, dear ones!
Talk soon,

sweet sloth


to the ocean




Allan <3

CR - bday2

CR - bday1


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