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Blue Birch 1 Down






So wonderful and crazy and amazing to play live again.
AND, with these guys; I mean, c’mon now!


Very happy. Hope ya’ll are, too.


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Sunshine Sangin



holy heck, beyond a pleasure to be a little part of these sunshine committee lovelies last evening!

endless gratitude and thanks for the lift home + necessary convo, Stephen. hope we can all hang more soon.


{video on the facebooks courtesy of John Robinson }

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Three sessions – Five originals. Man, we are cranking out the jams
and it is just such a delight. There is nothing better than pushing yourself
to alter melodies and styles you have been so married to, so inside of.
The letting go of thinking you could not possibly play your keyboard a certain way,
take a deep breathe, let out a laugh {or 10} and A creative freedom
I really do not believe I have ever known and now, I am in it – released, gratified,
and pushed to play more, move around more, sing higher and with that gumption
that maybe if I just throw my hand in the air, it will come out – and it does.
And, it SOARS. Thanks, B Hanna, for being patient with me and allowing me
to record my own stuff that I have been utterly resistant to share.

Terribly thrilled is an understatement.

Stay tuned, good people.


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In Remembrance



“It seems that the more places I see and experience, the bigger
I realize the world to be. The more I become aware of, the more I realize how relatively little I know of it… Maybe that’s enlightenment enough – to know that there is no final resting place of the mind, no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps wisdom, at least for me, means realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go.”

Pardon me while I tear up throughout today remembering the untimely loss of this great soul. I was reminded of Kate Spade’s passing a few days back as well… along with every fallen soul, every single day.

Please check in on your people.
We really need each other.

{Lifeline: 800-273-8255}

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recording check-in



Little did y’all know, I’m quite the rhythm-maker of sorts.
So, I guess I’m layin down some trax!

{just kidding – me? I clap on the 2 & 7…
and I wouldn’t have it any different}

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Blue Birch – Patio Trio Gigs


My Post (55)

May these summer patio giggies keep on comin’!

Friday, July 9 & Friday, August 13

{So much thankfulness to Molly M. for these offerings, too.}

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Summer Trio Time


These dates are a bit of a ways out. Nonetheless, getting to create music with these absolutely wonderful guys whom I’ve known for many years makes my heart overflow. I cannot think of two better people to re-emerge with from a gig-less life than Greg and Jimmy. {At times, I was downright terrified to play music again, which is just sad.} So, with a clear mind, steadily sturdy health, open ideas and laughs all around, these are going to be awesome. I cannot wait to see these two fabulous human beings.

Must start practicing.

Hope to see you this summer!


summer at 925, '21

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moving right along


song two gettin’ in the can

also gettin’ all excited for what’s to come of this

about the finally enter a new endeavour, originally owned {by moi} & sprinkled with magic a la Bryan Hanna. perseverance and personal gentleness is key. so. here we GO.

{herewegoherewegoherewego now. get busy!}



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925 Return!


925 Jul and Aug, 21

Sometimes you receive a cool email from someone you truly respect in your creative community to come along again.

Thank you, Molly.

It feels nice to be seen.

Hope to see you all!

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’21 Soph Update – CR Version


manuel antonio

Dear friends, fans, family near & far ~ as we continue trudging our way through this “new normal” and immense upheaval, loved ones and strangers lost to a disease we’re still learning about, living with the daily anxiety of wondering what is lurking around every corner, watching our brothers and sisters be murdered by the guilty hands of the very people who are supposed to keep us safe…

I do hope that you’re able to find some semblance of strength and worthiness during these trying times. It’s going to take a lot of mind-bending work, to say the least. We will get through this.

In the meantime, I was humbled enough to take another trip around the proverbial sun recently in the breathtaking motherland of Costa Rica. The incredible memories of the everlasting mountains, consistent tropical rains, the never-heard-before birdsongs, volcano-sighting and the sand in my feet + the fresh cuisine was enough to fill my heart with a lifetime of beauty. And – - SONGS. I plan to reap many a lyrical and melodic reward from my travel journal and finally start working with a close, incredibly talented studio friend to take these images, emotions, tastes and experiences from paper to reel.

In your meantime, I wish you peace, a balance of self and community respect and a great sense of protection over your health, mind and spirit.

Pura Vida, dear ones!
Talk soon,

sweet sloth


to the ocean




Allan <3

CR - bday2

CR - bday1

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