by SophiaShorai on 9/06/2021


Three sessions – Five originals. Man, we are cranking out the jams
and it is just such a delight. There is nothing better than pushing yourself
to alter melodies and styles you have been so married to, so inside of.
The letting go of thinking you could not possibly play your keyboard a certain way,
take a deep breathe, let out a laugh {or 10} and A creative freedom
I really do not believe I have ever known and now, I am in it – released, gratified,
and pushed to play more, move around more, sing higher and with that gumption
that maybe if I just throw my hand in the air, it will come out – and it does.
And, it SOARS. Thanks, B Hanna, for being patient with me and allowing me
to record my own stuff that I have been utterly resistant to share.

Terribly thrilled is an understatement.

Stay tuned, good people.


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