Rest In Power – Debbie Duncan

by SophiaShorai on 20/12/2020


Debbie is master in her own class and she will live on in the musical memories of anyone who came into contact with her.

There were nights at the new Dakota when I’d see her in the distance, chatting with Karl or whomever was tending that evening. I felt nothing less than wholly privileged for her attendance. Never a witless moment, all smiles, true support – I felt like she checked in on not only me but everyone else, and that means more than the world + a true testament to the woman that she was. You could never be dishonest with Debbie. She knew what was going on.

Although the heavens may have gained an angel, I cannot fathom we will ever forget her all-around finesse, vocal prowess and widely accessible heart.

Thank you for sending me this photo, Patty Peterson. As I said in my message, I will cherish this and the unforgettable moments spent with Debbie forever.

With love,

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