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Happy October!


sometimes you get to play for each other &, hey; it was just awesome.

love y’all!

SS TRIO – This Friday

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Sometimes I get really excited for Fridays
{like this upcoming one}.

We’d LOVE to see you,

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Hey look, Ma! I finally have a YouTube channel!


Hey look Ma! I finally have a YouTube channel!

I’d love it if you could check out this sweet mash-up of a beloved Dolly cover and Coldplay tune – just for kicks. Filmed by my fabulous bud, Benjamin Bowman, no less. Super lucky to work with that guy.

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Hope to see you soon,

Autumn’s in the Air – Shows


Happily have a few shows brewin’ to share with y’all.

Friday, 10.1 – Blue Birch w/ Jimmy Anton & Greg Schutte

Tuesday, 10.5 – Private Event

Thursday, 11.11 – 925 w/ Jimmy Anton & Greg Schutte

Thursday, 12.23 – 925 w/ Jimmy Anton & Greg Schutte

& hopefully more to come. Do please check back for new music deets, sightings, videos, new photos and more!

I would LOVE to see you in the near future.
Stay healthy out there.
Virtual hugs all around!





What a joy to film in Ettrick, WI {on a Norwegian Peterson Farm, no less} this past weekend.

I cannot wait to share with the world what Ben Bowman and sweet crew worked so hard on.

Blessings to Mother Nature for the perfect, cloudless sunset, too.


Solo Soph @ Prye’s Brewing Outpost Party

SoloSoph-PryesOutpostParty 8.21.21

Weekendering wandering? Celebrate the great outdoors! This fiesta sounds like such a blast. Super thrilled to play a little solo part of it.

Prye’s Brewing Outpost Party:
THIS Saturday, 8.21, 3 – 5p
Just me & my keys

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Blue Birch 2nd Edition

Hands down the best trio gig since pre-covid!

These two super humans are truly musicianally marvelous and I am so very humbled to have the honor of making music with them again. Never a boring beat {even if I skip one a bit}. Thank you for holding me up, guys. Love you both very much.



Sunshine Sangin


holy heck, beyond a pleasure to be a little part of these sunshine committee lovelies last evening!

endless gratitude and thanks for the lift home + necessary convo, Stephen. hope we can all hang more soon.


{video on the facebooks courtesy of John Robinson }



Three sessions – Five originals. Man, we are cranking out the jams
and it is just such a delight. There is nothing better than pushing yourself
to alter melodies and styles you have been so married to, so inside of.
The letting go of thinking you could not possibly play your keyboard a certain way,
take a deep breathe, let out a laugh {or 10} and A creative freedom
I really do not believe I have ever known and now, I am in it – released, gratified,
and pushed to play more, move around more, sing higher and with that gumption
that maybe if I just throw my hand in the air, it will come out – and it does.
And, it SOARS. Thanks, B Hanna, for being patient with me and allowing me
to record my own stuff that I have been utterly resistant to share.

Terribly thrilled is an understatement.

Stay tuned, good people.