Reminiscing 7.13 w/Nicholas Payton & Co.

the band - 7.13

My betties with drling Nic

sisters - 7.13

Kind of can’t believe this happened. Hey, all you have to do is ask.

The power of such can be cosmically life-altering.

Proud I picked up on the gift of gab and chutzpah from my amazing mother.

Gratitude abounds.

Nic Payton & Tommy Barbarella – 7.13 – TICKETS

PaytonTommy-Dunsmore 7.13

Two incredibly internationally-renowned musical forces unite.

This is not to be missed.

Wow. Just wow.

6.27 @ The 925


These shows are just the best. With these incredible fellas, no less.

! .
X .
O .

Very, so very excited.
Hope to see you.

SoundCloud Streaming ~ Check it out!

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Post-925 gratitude


What a glorious evening of pulling tunes out of the vault. So stupendous. I am a lucky someoneso, indeed. Endless gratitude to Tommy Barbarella for dealing with me.

Be sure to see us again at Crooner’s on Saturday, July 13… with an extremely special guest. STAY TUNED.

The 925 – 4th Thurs. of Every Month

I just love this house gig. A visit is highly suggested ASAP.

It would be very nice to see you @ the

925 Apr-July 2019

Interview on KBEM Jazz 88

Dunsmore - 4.27 - Tan and Soph

What an absolute pleasure to chat with Emily Reese this morning on our beloved Twin Cities Jazz Station, Jazz 88. The KBEM family has been extremely kind and supportive of Tanner’s and my local careers as we’ve come up around these parts. To say we’re thankful is a vast understatement and we are very proud to be a part of our stellar community of musicians.

Here’s a link to the discussion ::

And, here’s a link to TICKETS ::

It’d be real swell to see you all of your beaming faces tomorrow.

Soph & Tan

The Dunsmore Room w/Tanner Taylor – 4.27


The Dunsmore Room in Crooner’s Lounge

6 p.m.



Interview with KBEM


Imagine w/Mark Mallman – 12.1.18

I was just loungin’ around last Saturday & my good buddy, Mark Mallman, called me up to sing Lennon’s “Imagine” at The Icehouse. What an honor. Feeling so blessed to have such talented & thoughtful friends.

Imagine w.Mallman – 12.1.18